"Tanto" with a beautiful "Maki-e" decorated scabbard. (Unsigned Nakago)

TANTO-016 “Tanto” with a beautiful


Era/ Late Edo Period Cutting edge length/ 28.4cm
Certificate/ Kenkyu-Kai Fittings/ Included

This Tanto was property of a Daimyo (Feudal Lord) .
The Blade and the fittings parts are made between Bakumatsu and Meiji Era .
Tsuka-Mae (Front part of the handle) :

・Fuchi-Gashira are copper made and represents a motif with ants (蟻の図) (With craftsman’s signature)
・Menuki represents “Takarabune and ShichiFukujin”(The Treasure Ship and the Seven Gods of Fortune)
・Makiito is tied with “Hebibara Maki” Style (Snake’s Abdomen) (or“Daimyo Maki")

Tsuba ( Hand guard ) is signed with the name of Munemasa (Myouchin) Kaou.
The Tsuba represents a motif with spider (蜘蛛の図)
Saya (Scabbard) is decorated with “Aki no Nanakusa”( Seven autumnal flowers) motif.
Kogatana (small utility knife) is signed with the name of Monju Shiro.
Kozuka-bukuro (kogatana’s decorated handle) is engraved with "Aki no Nanakusa" ( Seven autumnal flowers ) and Butterfly’s motif.

TANTO-016 “Tanto” with a beautiful