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Hello everyone.
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Luca, i'm Italian, and i’m living in Japan since 2009.
My passion for Japan began when i was a student at the elementary school, and i always had a huge interest in Japanese historical figures.
At the age of 13, i began training in Okinawan karate.
I continued training for 15 years going several times to Okinawa for intensive courses.
After studying the basics of the Japanese language, i moved to Japan in 2009.
In 2010 i started training in iaido, a martial art that uses the Japanese sword.

Subsequently, i met a person who would later become a key figure and influence my years to come.
His name is Izawa Tomooh.
Mr. Izawa, born in 1935, is an expert connoisseur of Japanese swords, and comes in a direct line from a samurai family.
We can say that he is a modern day samurai!
It was Mr. Izawa who founded Mononofuya shop in 1955.

It is an honor for me to have known him.
Since we met in 2010, he has never changed, and he retains his genuine passion for Japanese history and for one of the symbols that Japan is famous for all over the world: the katana.
In these years together, we have carried forward Mononofuya both nationally and internationally.
We met many people from different countries, and were able to ship our products all over the world.

In these years, i have learned many things from Mr. Izawa, not only about the characteristics of the Japanese sword, but also about the way of thinking and relating to people.
Mr. Izawa is never tired of teaching me new things, including the Japanese language, and encouraging me to improve myself and to undertake new things.

Then, given my passion for carving wood, Mr. Izawa supported me and thanks to him i was able to go to various craftsmen and learn the techniques for creating scabbards, hilts, weave the handle string etc.

After more than sixty years in the business, Mr. Izawa has decided to go behind the scenes, and let me run the shop.
However, he remains a fundamental presence for me, and i hope to continue our friendship for many more years to come.

In our shop, you can find everything related to the world of samurai.
Not only katanas, but you will also find wakizashi, "tanto" daggers, spears, full antique armor, original antique handguards, etc.


Hello everyone! I'm Luca. I live in Kyoto since 2010.
Fascinated by the japanese culture, i'm also training in iaido.
Currently i'm assisting Mr. Izawa at his SHOW ROOM. Please come to visit us.
I would like to share with you the beauty of this fascinating world.



Please, during your journey through Japan, come to visit us at our SHOW ROOM.
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