Our Shopkeeper, Izawa Tomooh, lives in Kyoto and is a lover and connoisseur of Japanese sword since 1955 .
He worked as employee for 40 years, and with the occasion of his retirement he launched a home page called "Takeshi" after a pursuit of knowledge in Gifu Prefecture .
With his return back to Kyoto he changed the home page’s name to “Mononofu-ya” and he has established his home in Kyoto until the present days .
With a honest and direct way to trading, his motto is "Good things are good. Bad things are bad"

The Japanese Sword (Nihonto) is the traditional craft that Japan be proud in the world. Our collection room introduce you to the swords of the period Heian, Kamakura,
Nanbokucho, Muromachi, Edo, Gendai (Modern Time) ( AC 1100 ~ present days )

How about visit us during your trip through kyoto?
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Hello everyone! I'm Luca. I live in Kyoto since 2010.
Fascinated by the japanese culture, i'm also training in iaido.
Currently i'm assisting Mr. Izawa at his collection room. Please come to visit us.
I would like to share with you the beauty of this fascinating world.



Please, during your journey through Japan, come to visit us at our collection room.
Reservation by Application Form or phone call is required with 3 days in advance. We will reply you as soon as possible. Thanks.

Address : 〒606-8307 京都市左京区吉田上阿達町2-13
Skype ID : Mononofuya Kyoto
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