Is it permitted in your Country to import a Japanese Sword?
(e.g.: In England and China is prohibited.)


Is it possible the payment by transfer from your Country to our shop designated Japanese bank account?
Remittance from Overseas to Japan Post Bank Account.


If during your travel through Japan are you planning to come to Kyoto, direct check method is also available.

During your stay in Kyoto, even if you decided to buy one of our items, you can not bring it directly to your Country.

The Japanese Sword (Nihonto), as a cultural asset, is registered with a serial number. Bureaucratic proceedings is required. (it takes about one month)

After customs communication it will be shipped to your Country.
Since you decide to buy one of our items here in Japan to receive it at your home it's required about one month.

We appreciate your understanding.

Proceeding from purchase to shipment .


Choose a product from our web page or after coming to visit our Collection room .


Make the payment by transfer to our designated bank account .


After receiving your payment, we'll start the procedure for obtain the shipping permission .

The Agency for Cultural Affairs releases this permit after about one month .


Once we get the permit, we will arrange the shipment by international courier.

About Sword’s Certificate
The Japanese sword, handed down to the present day, changes in various forms through 1000 years of history.
To know it contents is essential an expert opinion. Our Certificates are indicated as below:

- Certificate issued from the “Japanese Art Swords Preservation Society”
(日本美術刀剣保存協会) as “Hozon Kyou-kai”. ( e.g.: Hozon, Tokubetsu-Hozon etc. )

- Certificate issued from the “Japanese Sword Preservation Society” ( 日本刀剣保存会 )
as “Hozon-Kai”.

- Certificate issued from “Firearms and swords Technical Committee” ( 銃砲刀剣研究会 )
as “Kenkyu-Kai”.

(*) We have also origami style folded Certificate, written scabbard etc.
Collection room
Reservation by Application Form or phone call is required with 3 days in advance .
: Mononofuya Kyoto
Japanese time : 10:00〜18:00