Meet Ninja and Samurai

Between some foreigners, who are visiting Japan, there are persons who think they’ll find ninja and samurai during their trip, but this kind of meeting is impossible in public spaces.
However, in modern-day Japan, the historical dramas are still deep-rooted and there are still places where is possible meet samurai and ninja.
We can say that one of the representative place is the “Uzumasa Eigamura” in Kyoto.
Kyoto, that is the place where Japanese traditional culture remains more concentraded, has become the most popular tourist destination for foreigners.
As well as numerous historical monuments registered in world heritage, is still possible enjoy in watching traditional japanese houses and beautiful landscape.
Even in such a Kyoto is no longer exists an genuine Samurai or Ninja, but you can meet them by going to “Uzumasa Eigamura” movie village.

The official name of “Uzumasa” movie village is “Toei Uzumasa Eigamura”.
It is a movie-related theme Park located in Ukyo-ku area, Uzumasa-HigashiHachiOka-Cho town.
Originally it is a study which belongs to a movie company called "Toei", but only one part of it is open to the public.
Therefore, you can have fun watching the live filming of historical drama, and participate in events that take place on the streets where you can taste the genuine atmosphere.
If you go to this place, you should meet a samurai and ninja. Of course, they are actors and figurants who are playing samurai and ninja.
For this reason you can see them in real action, and also enjoy the feeling like having a trip back in time.
In addition you can dress up as a ninja and escape from the castle, or using 3D modern technology you can enjoy the powerful ninja show.
And then, do not need to say it, the main attraction at the Uzumasa Eiga Mura is the “transformation experience”!
Of course you can dress up as a ninja, but you can also enjoy “Samurai”, “Machi-musume”( girl raised in a town) or a “oHime-Sama” (princess).
In particular, for foreigners it seems to be popular dress up as a Ninja or Warlord.
Once transformed, then go around like this in the streets of the "Kyoto Uzumasa" village taking pictures, no doubt will become a beautiful memory.
Foreign tourists who come to Japan to meet with the samurai or ninja, then goes to “Uzumasa Villange” and then become ninja and samurai themselves ... seems like a dream! do not you think?
Such Kyoto Uzumasa movie village appears to have been also called from foreigners as the "Japanese Hollywood."

When we speak about samurais, they wear kimono, and Kyoto is still plenty of long-established traditional clothes shops. Compared to the kimono for woman, the kimono for men are more sober, but in recent years it has become popular from a wide range of generations.
Of course, the kimono are also popular among foreign tourists, and it seems that many people search and buy it as a souvenir.
The Kimono is part of traditional Japanese culture, but recently seems to be worn for fashion.
Without taking the Nihontō to the belt and feel a bit like a samurai wearing only a kimono, walking through the streets of Kyoto wearing ethnic costumes as “kimono” is, i think it's wonderful.